Discount Auto Body Supplies In San Fernando Valley

Not too long ago, we wrote a post about our wholesale auto body supplies. Today, we want to reach out to our neighbors in San Fernando Valley who are getting ready to stock up on auto body supplies for the year.

When you’re going to paint your car, where do you turn to get your supplies? If you’ve got some restoration work to do, where do you go to find your tools? The fundamental question is this: how do you go about shopping for auto body shop tools and supplies?

Do you pull out of your driveway and into the nearest auto supply chain store, walk in, and grab what you need? Or, do you hop onto whatever website you come across first and order your stuff online?

Those approaches are just fine… as far as they go. The big box store is a pretty convenient choice. They’ll usually have a great selection of supplies for you to choose from as well. Just be prepared to pay premium prices for such convenient access to a wide range of supplies

Ordering auto body shop tools online will work out fine a lot of the time, but every website isn’t necessarily reliable. It takes a lot of trust to click buy and believe that you’ll get the right product at a fair price.

We can’t speak for the other guys, but what we can tell you is that you can trust us to give you high-quality parts at bargain prices—online or off. Why? Because we’re neither big box store nor a fly-by-night online supplier. We’re local—in the flesh. We’ve been right here, serving the San Fernando Valley, for over 15 years. Sure, our website serves customers across the country, but our heart has always been here in Pacoima.

Get quality automotive supplies at wholesale prices

From our local auto body shop technicians to the guys working out of their home garages, we’ve made a reputation for ourselves by treating every customer with respect and putting their needs first. After 15 years of helping people complete their auto body projects, our customers know and trust us enough to keep coming back.

At Annex, we believe in the local auto body supply shop.  For a consumer, there’s nothing quite like developing a relationship with your favorite local customer service rep. To be able to chat with him or her about specific problems and work together over time is a great help—especially when you’re a do-it-yourselfer with a never-ending supply of questions to ask. That’s why we put such a high value on our relationships with customers—even those we only get to encounter online.

So, if you live in San Fernando Valley, we hope you’ll give us a shot. Whether you’re looking for a wholesale automotive supplies near Van Nuys or an auto paint supplier near Mission Hills, make a trip to see us in Pacoima. We’re confident you’ll be blown away by our professional grade products, bargain prices, and top-rated customer service.