6 Exterior Paint Supplies for Your Car You Can’t Go Without

6 Exterior Paint Supplies for Your Car You Can’t Go Without

Are you tired of your car’s old paint job? Don’t have the resources to go and get a professional paint job? No problem. With a little time and effort, you can paint the car yourself and get it back into presentable shape.

Here are 6 supplies you’ll need to pick up at your neighborhood auto painters supply if you’re going to do the job it right:

Safety Gear – There’s no getting around this one. If you try to be a tough guy and pass on the gloves and glasses, you’ll not only treat yourself to an eyeful of rusty paint chips, but the oil from your skin will ruin your brand new paint. The worst part is, you won’t even know about it until a couple of weeks after you’ve finished painting, waxing, and polishing the car.

Sandpaper – From sanding off old paint to smoothing out body filler or finishing that last coat of paint, sandpaper will be your best friend on this job. Find a web outlet that’ll give you a good deal on online automotive paint supplies and order yourself a couple of stacks of the stuff in a range of grits from rough to extra fine.

Body Filler – Chances are, you’ve gotten a few nicks, dings, and dents in your car over the years. A good body filler will help you out. Simply slather it on, smooth it out, and then sand it down to a nice, even surface. Once it’s dry, you can add the primer, then paint right over it. Do it right, and no one will ever know it’s there.

Masking Tape – Let’s face it, even the steadiest hand can slip from time to time. If there are areas of your car that you’d prefer not get painted (like your windshield), then you’ll need to stock up on masking tape and paper.

Primer – A lot of people skimp on this one. Don’t do it. A solid coat of primer will help even out your car’s surface and provide an excellent point of contact for your vehicle’s new layer of paint.

Cleaning Supplies – Painting a car is messy work. Make sure you’ve got plenty of cleaning supplies on hand, not only to take care of your workspace but to clean the car itself between each step in the process.

With a good supplier that’ll sell you auto body wholesale supplies, you can snag all of these items at a fraction of what it would cost you to have an auto body shop do a professional paint job on your car.

So, there you have it. Now get some supplies and paint that old car!