Find Supplies for Exterior Auto Body Restoration

When it comes to the car you drive, first impressions are a big deal. If you pull up in a dented out rust bucket, then don’t be surprised when people look at you sideways.

Unfortunately, keeping your car in perfect shape isn’t cheap.

Dent repairs and paint restoration can get expensive fast. Luckily for you, most minor restoration projects are easy enough to do at home without emptying your bank account.

Ready to take matters into your own hands? Great. You’re going to need some supplies.

Make a List of Everything You’ll Need

Before you can start shopping, you’re going to need to do a little research to see exactly which car restoration products you’ll need. Here are a few example jobs to get you thinking in the right direction.

Safety first! Whatever you’re getting ready to do, make sure you put the right protective gear on your supply list.

Bumper Repair: For a minor dent with no paint damage, you may need a heat gun. If you’re dealing with minor cracks, you’ll need to add putty or body filler, a bumper repair kit, and sandpaper to your list.

Rust Remediation: At the bare minimum, you’ll need a bottle of rust remover to treat the affected area. Beyond that, sandpaper will be your best friend. For deeper rust problems, you’ll probably need an angle grinder to work it out.

Dents and Gouges: For minor body dents, you may be able to get away with a heavy-duty suction cup. For the deeper stuff, you’ll need a slide hammer to bang your car back into shape.

Paint Scratch Repair: Got a minor scratch? All you may need is some extra-fine sandpaper, a bit of rubbing compound or polish, and some car wax. For deeper scratches, you’ll need to add a scuffing pad and touch-up paint to the list.

Obviously, this list doesn’t cover everything, but at least it’ll get you started. Google is your best friend here. 15 minutes of searching on the web will get you everything you need to put together a solid supply list.

Go and Find Your Supplies

Now that you’ve got a list of car restoration parts and supplies, it’s time to get out there and shop. Here are some places to start.

Auto Body Supply Store: When you need something quickly, then your neighborhood auto body supplier is the best bet. We happen to know an excellent supplier with everything you’d need for a DIY job.

Online: Sites like can be a treasure trove for wholesale online automotive paint supplies and other auto body restoration products. Just keep your eyes open and make sure you’re working with reputable sellers. If you want someone you know you can trust, then go for an established online retailer.

That’s it. Once you know what you need and where to look, you’re ready to stock up for your next DIY job. Good luck getting that car (and your pride) back into shape!