3M 02035 – Wetordry Abrasive Sheet, 9 inch x 11 inch – 800 grit (50 Pack) – FREE SHIPPING

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Product Description



  • Part Number: 3M 02035
  • Grit: 800
  • Contains: 50 abrasive sheets
  • Sheet Size: 9 inch x 11 inch
  • Backing: A weight paper
  • Color: Black
  • Sanding surfaces: Clear Coat, Paint, Fiberglass
  • Abrasive Mineral: Aluminum Oxide
  • Attachment Method: None
  • Sanding Method: Hand
  • Can be used wet or dry

Designed for hand sanding, each 9 x 11 inch sheet can be cut to the size of your sanding block. During Stage 4 of the 3M Body Repair System use 800 grit sandpaper to scuff the blend area prior to applying base coat paint. Scuffing the blend area is the light sanding process on the old, existing clear coat needed for the newly applied base coat paint to stick. The blend area is the area around the dent or repair area that transitions from bare metal to primer, to the old base coat, to the old clear coat.

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