7 Everyday Wholesale Auto Body Supplies to Keep in Your Garage

At Annex, we care far too much about our customers to let them pay top dollar for the gear you need. That’s why we talk a lot about how important it is to grab your auto body shop supplies and tools at discount prices.

For the do-it-yourselfer, we’ve written a couple of posts on what sorts of tools you should keep around to make sure you can do the bulk of your projects on your own. Today, we want to give you a quick and easy list of the 7 everyday wholesale auto body supplies that you should keep on hand in your home garage.

Here they are:

Sandpaper – You can’t do a whole lot of body work without sandpaper in your garage. Whether you’re dealing with minor repairs or a full-on restoration, you’re going to have to do some paint, if only touchups. When that happens, you’ll need a couple of slices of sandpaper to smooth things out right. Keep an assortment of fine, medium, and rough grit around to make sure you cover the whole range of possible applications.

Body Filler – Bondo is a fantastic multi-purpose substance for filling in nicks, gouges, holes, and minor dents. You’ll need a spreader or a putty knife but, in a pinch, an old credit card can take you a long way.

Masking Tape – When it comes to filling and painting, masking tape will be your best friend. Keep a couple of rolls on hand to be sure you never find yourself without tape in a pinch.

Coveralls – Auto body repair is a dirty business. When you add painting to the mix, then you’re going to start chewing through work clothes. Grab yourself a couple of sets of coveralls to keep on hand. Not only will you save your work jeans, but you’ll protect yourself from your wife’s wrath on laundry day.

Dust Masks – Please make sure to use correct paint mask, dust mask, gloves, eyeglass and painting suite when doing bodywork and paint job; and do the painting in a spray wood.

Wash & Wax – Say no to the automated car wash. You just finished doing body repairs with your own two hands. Why go out and pay a machine to finish the job for you? There’s nothing more satisfying the cleaning all the dust and residue off your freshly restored and repaint ride. Keep plenty of soap and wax on hand to make sure you finish the job right.

Cleaning Supplies – Keeping the car clean is important, but so is taking care of the garage. Trying to finish a coat of paint in a dirty, dusty space is a sure-fire way to end up with a subpar finish. Make sure you keep plenty of shop towels, spray cleaner, and trash bags on hand.

These are our 7 top choices. We’re sure you could name a few we missed, but this is still a great place to start.