EEZER 4409 – Grinding Disc Backing Plate – 9 inch – FREE SHIPPING

$ 11.99

Product Description


  • Part Number: EEZER 4409
  • Contains: 1 Backing Plate
  • Diameter: 9 inch
  • Center Hole: 7/8 inch
  • Material: Epoxy Fiberglass
  • Standard Duty: 0.040″
  • Maximum RPM: 6,000
  • Made in the USA

WARNING: These backing plates are designed to be used as stacked sets. Failure to do so will limit the life of the plates and void the warranty. Never use a single backing plate alone. Never use a backing plate without first inspecting it for signs of irregularities such as fractures, excessive wear, nicks or cuts at the edge or in center hole. Do not exceed marked maximum RPM (if marked). Always wear impact resistant safety glasses and face shield when grinding.

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