3M 02085 – Trizact Hookit (Hook & Loop) Foam Abrasive Disc, 6 inch – 3000 grit (15 Pack) – FREE SHIPPING!

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Product Description

3M 02085 – 3000 Trizact Hookit Foam Abrasive Disc, 6 inch


  • Diameter: 6 inch
  • Grit: P3000
  • Contains: 15 discs
  • Attachment Method: Hookit (Hook & Loop)
  • Backing: Foam
  • Sanding Surfaces: Clear Coat, Clear Plastic, Paint
  • Abrasive Mineral: Trizact
  • Holes: None
  • Sanding method: Machine, Hand
  • Use: Damp
  • Color: Gray

3M 02085 Description:

3M 02085 has a structured abrasive that features an engineered surface of microscopic three-dimensional structures. This precise abrasive surface is ideal for automotive paint finishing applications requiring a consistent and fine finish.

Patterned, precise mineral structures give Trizact abrasives the combination of fast cut and consistent finish every time. Use P1000 foam blending discs for scuff sanding blend panels prior to painting. Use P1500 clearcoat sanding discs for leveling dust nibs and sanding of mismatched orange peel. Finally, use P3000 foam disc for removing P1200-P1500 grade sand scratches prior to use of 3M Perfect-It polishing system. Foam disc used in a spot repair system for removing sanding scratches before using rubbing compound.

This 6 inch Trizact disc is also available in:

1000 Grit – 3M 02090 and 5000 grit – 3M 30662

It is also available in a 3 inch Trizact disc:

1000 grit – 3M 02091 and 3000 grit – 3M 02087

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Precautions for safe handling

For industrial or professional use only. Avoid breathing of dust created by sanding, grinding or machining. Damaged product can break apart during use and cause serious injury to face or eyes. Check product for damage such as cracks or nicks prior to use. Replace if damaged. Always wear eye and face protection when working at sanding or grinding operations or when near such operations. Combustible dust may form by action of this product on another material (substrate). Dust generated from the substrate during use of this product may be explosive if in sufficient concentration with an ignition source. Dust deposits should not be allowed to accumulate on surfaces because of the potential for secondary explosions.

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