3M 34403 – Flexible Abrasive Hookit (Hook & Loop) Dust Free Disc, 6 inch – P400 – FREE SHIPPING!

$ 47.50

Product Description


    Part Number: 3M 34403

  • Diameter: 6 inch
  • Grit: P400
  • Contains: 25 discs
  • Attachment Method: Hookit (Hook & Loop Attachment)
  • Abrasive Mineral: Aluminum Oxide
  • Holes: Yes
  • Hole Design: Clean Sanding (7 holes)
  • Sanding method: Machine, Hand
  • Use: Wet or Dry
  • Color: Gray

3M Flexible Abrasive Hookit Discs are ideal for applications including primer sanding, blend preparation and paint finishing. They provide long disc life with excellent cut and finish performance while providing high flexibility and conformability. These discs are excellent for primer sanding. For dry sanding hard-to-reach areas such as bumper covers, door jambs, and door pockets. These discs combine a soft feel and flexibility, so they’re as easy to use off a sander as on. 3M Flexible Abrasive Hookit Discs are available in grades from 400 to 1500. Colored face-side color makes differentiation by grade easy.

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