3M 06297 – Soft Edge Foam Masking Tape, 13 mm width (1/2 inch) – FREE SHIPPING

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Product Description


  • Part Number: 3M 06297
  • Contains: 1 Roll
  • Width: 13mm (0.51 inch)
  • Length: 50 Meters
  • Material: Foam
  • Reduces masking labor time

A foam tape designed to be used in masking door jambs, hood or deck lid openings or other areas of a vehicle which need to be sealed during the painting operation. Provides a “soft edge” to prevent tape lines in the jamb areas. When you want to save time and minimize paint lines, there’s no better solution than 3M Soft Edge Foam Masking Tape. It’s completely flexible, so you can mask jambs and other apertures in record time.

Ordinary flat masking tape can leave paint lines when used inside jambs, or must be rolled in order to create a soft edge. Because of its unique three-dimensional construction, 3M Soft Edge Foam Masking Tape produces a virtually undetectable edge faster than traditional jamb masking techniques. Seals door jambs and other openings to protect them from paint overspray. In addition, dust and other contaminants are sealed in, preventing them from ruining your paint job. The tape can also be left in place during the final prep phase to help reduce compound and polish sling from entering jamb areas.

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