3M 07193 – Dual Cartridge Respirator Assembly, Organic Vapor/P95, Large – FREE SHIPPING

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3M 07193 – Dual Cartridge Respirator, Large

3M 07193 is designed to be a truly maintenance free style respirator which is discarded when the organic vapor cartridges are spent. The package includes the Maintenance Free Half Facepiece Respirator 3M 07193 with permanently attached organic vapor cartridges, 1 pair of filter retainers 07054, and 1 pair of P95 filters 3M 07194. This respirator is 3M recommended for spray paint applications in the automotive refinishing industry.

  • Size: Large
  • Contains: 1 Respirator

Available in other sizes:

Small – 3M 07191

Medium – 3M 07192

Particulate Filters:

3M 07194

Safety Information:

If a chemical can be absorbed through the skin, skin protection may be required in addition to respiratory protection. Eye protection may also be necessary if not provided by the respirator. Failure to provide adequate skin or eye protection can invalidate established exposure limits and make respirator use ineffective for protection against certain workplace contaminants. A respirator may not be able to help protect against all of the contaminants present in a particular work environment. Specific limitations are stated on the approval labels and are included with user instructions and limitations. These must be carefully reviewed for each respirator before use. No respirator is capable of preventing all airborne contaminants from entering the wearer’s breathing zone. Properly selected and used respirators help protect against certain airborne contaminants by reducing airborne contaminant concentrations in the breathing zone to below the TLV or other recommended exposure level. Misuse of respirators may result in overexposure to the contaminant and cause sickness or death. For this reason, proper respirator selection, training, use, and maintenance are mandatory in order for the wearer to be properly protected. Use these respirators only for those specific chemical compounds for which they have been approved or recommended. Failure to follow all instructions and limitations on the use of these respirators and/or failure to wear them during all times of exposure can reduce respirator effectiveness and may result in sickness or death.


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