3M 06301 – Fine Line Tape 218 Green, 1/4 inch – FREE SHIPPING!

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Product Description


  • Part Number: 3M 06301
  • 1/4 inch x 60 yards
  • Material: Polypropylene Plastic
  • Contains: 1 roll

This polypropylene film tape provides the finest color separation line possible in multi-color striping applications. Can be used for lettering, striping, and two-tone separation lines in all types of trucks and auto refinishing accounts.

A high performance masking tape with low profile and high adhesion provides excellent paint lines. This green 4.7 mil (0.12 mm) thick tape is a polypropylene plastic film with a rubber adhesive. Commonly used for two tone applications. Can be used for other masking and holding applications. Because it is thin, tape 218 will give the finest color line separation available. The special processed film backing stretches easily for smooth curves yet can be easily torn by hand with a quick tearing action against the thumb nail. The backing allows taping over fresh acrylic lacquer and enables overpainting jobs sooner with less chance of imprint damage. Tape has excellent moisture and solvent resistance. For the best paint line, 218 tape should be removed before the paint is completely dry. It is not recommended for outdoor applications.


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