3M 02021 – Wetordry Abrasive Sheet, 5-1/2 inch x 9 inch – 1000 grit (50 Pack) – FREE SHIPPING

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Product Description

3M 02021 – 1000 grit Wetordry Abrasive Sheet (50 Pack)


  • Grit: 1000
  • Contains: 50 abrasive sheets
  • Sheet Size: 5-1/2 inch x 9 inch
  • Backing: A weight paper
  • Color: Gray
  • Sanding surface: Clear coat, Paint
  • Abrasive Mineral: Silicon Carbide
  • Attachment Method: None
  • Sanding Method: Hand
  • Also available in a 5-Pack: 3M 32021

3M 02021 levels orange peel, dust nibs or paint runs in refinish acrylic lacquer paint. 3Ms fastest cutting, longest lasting abrasive for saving labor costs and improving quality. Suggested hand sanding pad 3M 05530.

3M Wetordry Abrasive Sheet 401Q is designed for sanding applications that require a fine grit and a light touch, such as auto body wet sanding and paint finishing. It combines our durable, waterproof A-weight paper backing and our fast-cutting silicon carbide mineral for consistent scratch patterns, making for easier buffing. A range of grades up to 3000 grit allows for superior results. Convenient sheet can be used wet or dry on paint, primer, gel coat and metal. Waterproof backing supports wet applications for decreased loading and a faster cut. Silicon carbide mineral is 3M’s fastest-cutting abrasive for a superior finish. Range of fine grades from 1000 up to 3000 for the most professional results. Available in 9” x 11” and 5-1/2” x 9” sheets for a variety of uses.

Precautions for safe handling

For industrial or professional use only. Avoid breathing of dust created by sanding, grinding or machining. Combustible dust may form by action of this product on another material (substrate). Dust generated from the substrate during use of this product may be explosive if in sufficient concentration with an ignition source. Dust deposits should not be allowed to accumulate on surfaces because of the potential for secondary explosions. To minimize the risk of injury to face and eyes, always wear eye and face protection when working at sanding or grinding operations or when near such operations. Select and use eye/face protection to prevent contact based on the results of an exposure assessment. The following eye/face protection(s) are recommended: Safety Glasses with side shields.


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